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Travel with the Mammut to the lands of ice and fire!

We'll take you on a tour around the whole of Iceland or just show you a tiny little part of it in all its depth. We get you soaked in steaming hot pots, go on Aurora hunt with you, tell you tales of heroes and ghosts. We lead you on mountain tops and into the heart of the Earth. We get you to meet local people and taste local food. And we do all that with a lot of enthusiasm and love for the countries we work with.

Iceland, Greenland and the Mammut are waiting for you!

Tours in Iceland

The Best of the West

This guided bus tour focuses on nature, history and wildlife vistiting many off-the-beaten path locations. It includes bird & seal watching cruises, a glacier truck expedition and a visit to different museums.

11 days|2,140 €
Iceland - hiking trail - Fimmvördurhals
Fimmvörðurháls - Walk on the Volcano

Hike over the "newest" parts of Iceland, the (almost still steaming) lava of the famous eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010. Spectacular nature and exciting geological features!

3 days|879 €
Hiking in Iceland - on the way to Storurd
Hiking in the Land of the Elves

Follow old trails through the magnificent mountains and small bays of Iceland's North East. The landscape is diverse, the variety of colors is stunning: black sand beaches, lush green valleys and the sand and orange shades of the mountain ridges.

5 days|From 1,225 €

Tours in Greenland

Qassiarsuk, Greenland
The Best of South Greenland

This guided tour takes you to the highlights of Greenland's South! Enjoy the green, fertile landscape of the sheltered fjords, the picturesque Inuit settlements and navigate among floating icebergs to glacier fronts descending from Greenland's vast i... (read more)

11 days|3,095 €
Sarfaq Ittuk among giant icebergs
Greenland's West Coast by Boat

Travel among floating icebergs along Greenland's spectacular coast line of ragged, snow capped mountains, deep fjords and thousands of small islands. Watch out for whales and seals, visit towns like Ilulissat, Qaqortoq and even the capital Nuuk.

8 days|From 4,090 €
Horse Back Riding in South Greenland 2017

Ride on Icelandic horses in the footsteps of the Vikings through South Greenland's landscape of rolling green hills and iceberg filled fjords, the area where Erik the Red and his fellowmen settled. A journey between present and past.

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