Adventure Summer Tours

An “adventure” can be a lot of things, from a bus tour where you don't spend the night in a hotel to a several day long cross country backpacking hike. We think the mere fact of travelling to Iceland is an adventure :-) So this category contains a variety of very different tours, some being more “adventurous” or more physically demanding than others although all involve some (or a lot of) hiking and thus requiring a minimal (or a very good) good physical shape.

Rainbow in icelandic canyon
Small Group Round Trip

See it all in two weeks in this very personal group tour of max. 8 people! We will of course visit Iceland's most famous nature highlights but as well some hidden gems off the beaten tourist paths, even the Westman Islands.

15 days
South Iceland and Landmannalaugar

Explore the highlights of Iceland's South in a small group of max. 8 people. On our way we'll visit geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and many more of Iceland's nature treasures.

8 days
Landmannalaugar Hiking Trail - Iceland
Landmannalaugar Hiking Trail 2018

Hike through the otherworldly beautiful landscape of the highlands from Landmannalaugar to Skógar. Iceland's most famous trekking and enjoy a relaxed day in Reykjavik.

7 days
Iceland - hiking trail - Fimmvördurhals
Fimmvörðurháls - Walk on the Volcano

Hike over the "newest" parts of Iceland, the (almost still steaming) lava of the famous eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010. Spectacular nature and exciting geological features!

3 days
Hiking in Iceland - Strutur trail
Strútur Highland Trail 2018

Hike away from the crowds along the magnificent Eldgjá canyon straight into Iceland's volcanic heartland including a short stop at the renowned Landmannalaugar.

5 days
Hiking in Iceland - Skaftafell glacier crossing
Skaftafell Glacier Crossing 2018

A remarkable journey along the canyons of Núpsá up to the Grænalón glacier lagoon nestled between mountains and glacier. Crossing the Skeiðarárjökull glacier is a challenge rewarded by a visit to Norðurdalur valley with its glacier lake and icebergs.

5 days
Hiking in Iceland - on the way to Storurd
Hiking in the Land of the Elves 2018

Follow old trails through the magnificent mountains and small bays of Iceland's North East. The landscape is diverse, the variety of colors is stunning: black sand beaches, lush green valleys and the sand and orange shades of the mountain ridges.

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