Winter Tours

Winter is a perfect time to visit Iceland, maybe even the country's most beautiful. It's the season when there are less tourists, when the island shows its true self, when the contrasts of ice and fire are more pronounced than in summer, the colours reduced, the landscape bathed in a prosaic, serene beauty.

It's a myth that Iceland dwells in darkness throughout winter, instead the light is soft, the sky often glowing in an hour long sunset and at night the Northern Lights brighten the sky with their colourful, moving shapes.

Northern Lights Exploration 2017-18

Hunting the famous Northern Lights out on the Icelandic countryside while learning about the nightly phenomenon in the daily lectures of the "Northern Lights Academy".

8 days
The Land of Northern Lights 2017-18

A short but intense winter trip to Reykjavik and the Icelandic countryside with an optional glacier hike in search of the magic Northern Lights, visiting waterfalls, geysers and the famous Thingvellir.

5 days
North Iceland Aurora Challenge

Explore the winter wonderland of West and North Iceland, places few people go to in winter. Go snow shoe walking in the snow and at night time in search for the magic northern lights.

8 days
Iceland - winter super jeep tour landmannlaugar
Super Jeep Winter Highlights 2018

Drive with the Super Jeep deep into the enchanted world of the Icelandic winter! See frozen waterfalls, go snowshoe hiking and bath in steaming natural hot springs with snow all around you.

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