Greenland is different. Probably most of all from what you expect it to be. A world of ice and snow six times the size of France but with only 300.000 people is only part of the story. Caught geographically between Europe and America, between modern times and traditional lifestyle also the Greenlandic landscape varies more than you might expect, every region having its own charm.

The South has the mildest climate, with sheltered fjords where fertile green hills provide ideal conditions for sheep farming. It's here where the Vikings first settled and where you will find many remnants of those times.

The North around the Disko Bay is known for its enormous icebergs, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord being UNESCO world heritage. In terms of tourism this is also the country's most developed region.

The East around Ammassalik is the roughest and wildest part of the country. Kulusuk, due to its proximity to Iceland, has become a popular destiny for short trips to Greenland.

Greenland has become “westernized” in many ways, for the good and the bad. Its infrastructure, though, is still far from being as developed as in other nordic countries. Boat and plane traffic depend heavily on weather conditions which are difficult to predict and change rapidly. Travelling to Greenland thus requires some open mindedness and flexibility. In return you'll be rewarded with an experience you'll never forget.

Ilulissat, Images of Ice 2018

This tour is the perfect introduction to Arctic nature and the Inuit culture. Ilulissat - the town of the icebergs, offers dramatic views of the World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. Experience the traditional Inuit culture combined with modern... (read more)

3-5 days
Kayak & Trekking in East Greenland

East Greenland is famous for its pristine and unforgiving landscape, colossal jagged mountains stretching as far as the eyes can see. On this kayaking tour it is not uncommon to encounter curious seals, while listening to icebergs crumbling in the di... (read more)

10 days
Horse Back Riding in South Greenland 2018

Ride on Icelandic horses in the footsteps of the Vikings through South Greenland's landscape of rolling green hills and iceberg filled fjords, the area where Erik the Red and his fellowmen settled. A journey between present and past.

8 days
Greenlandic traditional costumes
South Greenland Round Trip

A trip of contrasts: the fertile green of the land, the blue of the fjords and the white of the glaciers and icebergs, nature and city life, Viking history and modern Greenlandic life, including a stay in the beautiful towns of Igaliku and Qaqortoq.

6 days
South Greenland - view on Eric's fjord from Qassiarsuk
A Taste of South Greenland

This short trip gives you a first impression of what Greenland is all about. The South stands for lush green fjords filled with icebergs, picturesque villages and its Viking history. An ideal short break from your Iceland holidays.

3 days
Hiking in South Greenland - Tasiusaq bay
Hiking in South Greenland

Follow in the footsteps of Erik the Red on this round trip with easy day hikes in Greenland's beautiful South: glaciers, fjords full of icebergs, rolling green hills and picturesque villages. A farmstay will bring you in close contact with the locals... (read more)

8 days
Day Tour to East Greenland

In less than 2 hours the plane brings you from Reykjavik to Greenland's beautiful East Coast. Get a first hand impression of Greenland's overwhelming nature and its culture today between tradition and modern life.

1 day
Sarfaq Ittuk among giant icebergs
Greenland's West Coast by Boat

Travel among floating icebergs along Greenland's spectacular coast line of ragged, snow capped mountains, deep fjords and thousands of small islands. Watch out for whales and seals, visit towns like Ilulissat, Qaqortoq and even the capital Nuuk.

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